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Out of the blue, Microsoft has revealed its futuristic predictions for the capabilities and specs of the Xbox 2042. Briefly, it’s stated to be a quantum processor powered system able to driving “native 32K resolutions in Full Spectrum Color at a base body fee of 240 FPS (as much as 480 FPS) with zero latency”. The end result could be future attainable gaming experiences “indistinguishable from actuality,” with experiences made even deeper with holographic interfaces. The ‘2042 designation is not a coincidence, this video is a left area cross-promotion with EA/DICE who’ve simply launched a brand new Battlefield 2042 trailer showcasing three massive new maps.

SO, it’s a piece of selling fluff, maybe, however it’s nonetheless attention-grabbing to see what Microsoft futurists reckons will likely be state-of-the-art console gaming in 2042, a little bit over twenty years from at the moment. Contemplating the processor first, the processor inside the Xbox 2042 is claimed to be able to “1 quintillion floating-point operations per second”. In different phrases, it could be one of many first ever exaFLOP consoles.

Placing an exaFLOP of graphics energy into comparisons vs at the moment’s cream of the crop shopper gadgetry, the Xbox 2042 is thus being touted as being about 100,000 instances quicker than a Sony PlayStation 5 (10 TFLOPs), or 28,000 instances quicker than an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 (36TFLOPs). Is that fanciful for 20 years of progress with a little bit of Quantum sprinkled on prime?

Presently, exaFLOP efficiency is the reserve of big supercomputers, with the likes of the Aurora venture lately being upgraded from a goal of simply above 1 exaFLOP to almost 2 exaFLOPs of efficiency at its delayed launch subsequent yr.

New maps revealed for Battlefield 2042

The Battlefield 2042 beta showcased a map referred to as Orbital, set in tropical French Guiana. Three newly revealed maps function places in Egypt, Antarctica, and the west coast of India – showcasing slightly totally different environments, as you would possibly anticipate.

Renewal is the Egyptian map with a solar energy station array on one facet, and a lush inexperienced space with a analysis station on the opposite. These areas are bodily separated with varied entry / choke factors. Breakaway is ready in Antarctica and options an offshore platform and a ground-based outlook station to make it attention-grabbing. A variety of motion will happen above treacherous ice cliffs, related by rope bridges and zip traces. Discarded is a map that includes a mess of stranded colossal ships being stripped for sources, and a coastland plagued by delivery containers, in an setting that includes lethal storms.

In whole there will likely be seven maps, in addition to 10 specialists, and a number of game modes, prepared for the Battlefield 2042 launch on 19th November.

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